Dear Valued Customer, announced today the re-branding of both its business name and its entire estate planning product range under the name of Enodare. Capitalizing on more than 10 years of providing estate planning books, legal kits, legal forms, online software and offline software to customers in various international destinations, the new name seeks to bring the company’s various estate planning businesses and their related product offerings together under one internationally recognizable brand name.


The rebranding will take place first in the United States and will be quickly rolled out to Enodare’s operations in Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland.


Enodare offers one of the broadest lines of self-help estate planning products worldwide. All products have been developed by Enodare’s in-house legal team working in close conjunction with lawyers from across the United States.  


Enodare’s suite now includes books, legal kits, legal forms, online software and offline software. Their catalogue of products extends to include:

    - Last Will and Testaments;

    - Living Wills;

    - Revocable Living Trusts;

    - Powers of Attorney for Finance & Property

    - Healthcare Powers of Attorney;

    - Codicils;

    - Estate Planning Books;

    - Probate Books; and

    - Much more.


Enodare has used the re-branding as a platform to substantially upgrade and update all of its product offerings. This upgrade has been carried out in conjunction with a team of lawyers from across the United States.

Apart from upgrading and adding to the range of its legal kits, Enodare has added 7 new book titles to its range. These books are:

  •     - Make Your Own Last Will & Testament
  •     - How To Probate An Estate – A Step-By-Step Guide For Executors
  •     - Make Your Own Living Trust And Avoid Probate
  •     - Estate Planning Essentials
  •     - Make Your Own Living Will
  •     - Make Your Own Power of Attorney
  •     - Funeral Planning Guide


Enodare has also substantially upgraded its online Will Writing software to include a variety of new options ranging from property management options for children to advanced provisions for distributing assets. The online software range has been greatly supplemented by the addition of Living Trusts, Living Wills, Powers of Attorneys and more. Enodare can now not only boast one of the broadest range of online estate planning ranges on the market but also the fact that its online documents has the most advanced state-of-the-art clauses and options currently available.

Enodare also plans to launch an offline version of its online software in April next under the same name as the current online software – Enodare Will Writer. Like the online software, the Will Writer software is state-of-the-art and one of the most advanced pieces of estate planning software available.

You can view Enodare’s new revamped website at As always, we would be delighted to receive your feedback – just email us!


The Enodare Team



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