Learn About What Executors Need To Do To Probate An Estate....

How To Probate An Estate - A Step-By-Step Guide For Executors

Executor of a Will

Learn about the various stages of probate and what an executor needs to do at each stage to successfully navigate his way through to closing the estate and distributing the deceased’s assets.

Funeral Planning Guide

This comprehensive guide will show you how to effortlessly plan a funeral. You'll learn about purchasing caskets and grave plots, burial and cremation options, organizing funeral services and much more.

Make Your Own Living Trust & Avoid Probate

Avoiding Probate

This book will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your very own living trust, transferring assets to your living trust and subsequently managing those assets.

Estate Planning Essentials

A complete introduction to estate planning! This book will show you the importance of having Wills, Living Trusts and Powers of Attorney and teach you about probate, taxes, providing for children and more
Executors - Admitting wills to probate
What to do Before Admitting a Last Will to Probate

Learn about what probate is and what an executor must do before he admits a Will to probate.
Assets that Avoid Probate
Assets that Avoid Probate

Not all assets form part of a person's probatable estate. An executor will need to know what these assets are!
What is an Executor of a Will?
What is an Executor of a Will?

How is a an executor appointed and what exactly is his role once he is appointed?
Who can be an Executor of a Will
Who can be an Executor of a Will?

Wondering if you can be an executor or thinking of asking someone to be yours? Find out who can fulfil the role.
How to Probate an Estate
How to Probate an Estate

Discover the three main steps that an executor must deal with in order to properly probate an estate.
Choosing an Executor
Choosing an Executor

Choosing an executor is a very important decision and not everyone is suitble. What should you consider?
General Duties of an Executor
General Duties of an Executor

Before agreeing to be an executor, you'll need to know about your duties and responsibilities. What are they?
How Long Does it Take to Probate an Estate

How Long Does it Take to Probate an Estate

Learn about the various factors which direclty influence the length of time it takes to probate an estate.

Payment of Compensation to Executors
Payment of Compensation to Executors

Many executors are happy to carry out their duties free of charge but are they entitled to anything?

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