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Updated for 2011

Updated: April 2011

Have your financial or personal circumstances changed since you made your last will and testament? If you so, you should consider making a new will or updating your existing will using a codicil. This legal codicil kit will show you how to:

  • identify changes that you need to make to your will;
  • clearly describe the changes you want to make in writing;
  • quickly and easily update your last will and testament; and
  • more.

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Codicil to Will

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Codicil to Will Kit Overview!

A legal codicil form allows you to modify the provisions of your last will & testament without the need to draft an entirely new will. Generally, the majority of modifications made by a codicil form tend to either add or revoke minor provisions of a will. For example, typical modifications may include the gifting of a new asset you purchased to a beneficiary, the changing of executors, the changing of beneficiaries, the appointment of guardians, etc. Alternatively, the modifications may have a substantial impact on the provisions of the will such as where there is a change of the residuary beneficiary (i.e. the beneficiary who receives the remainder of your estate after all debts and taxes have been paid and all other specific gifts have been made).


If you don’t update your will to reflect changes in your circumstances or those of the people named in your will, then:-

 Your possessions (or at least some of them) could end up being divided in accordance with the laws of intestacy and your personal wishes in relation to the gifting of those assets can be disregarded completely!

 Your possessions and the winding up of your estate could be placed under the control of a person appointed by a court - this could be a family memeber that you would not wish to have trawling through your affairs or even a total stranger!

 Your children could be placed into the care of a guardian appointed by a court - this again could be a total stranger!


Luckily, there is a very simple solution. A legal codicil form allows you to modify the provisions of your last will & testament without the need or cost of engaging a Solicitor to draft an entirely new will. Our do-it-yourself Codicil Kit includes:-

 Easy to understand information about the legal considerations involved in preparing a codicil to a last will and testament;

 Detailed Solicitor prepared instructions on how to prepare your own codicil form including multiple examples of changes that you may wish to make to your last will & testament;

 Precedent Codicil forms;

 A worksheet to help you determine what changes you may need to make to your will.

You can create a valid legal codicil form in minutes from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price usually charged by Solicitors!


Forms Included in this solicitor-approved Legal Kit:


- Codicil Form - with Numerous Sample Clauses To Help You

- Will Writing Worksheet

Codicil to Will


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