Estate Planning Articles

Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

How to Plan Your Estate

Do I Need to Plan My Estate?



Last Will and Testament


What is a Last Will and Testament?

Why Make a Last Will and Testament?

Intestacy and What Happens If You Don’t Make a Will?

How to Make a Valid Last Will & Testament

How to Make a Will Online

Executing a Will

Disinheritance and No Contest Clauses

Challenging a Will

Use a Codicil to Amend a Will

Revoking a Will

Planning for Incapacity – Advance Healthcare Directives

What is a Living Will?

How Living Wills Work


Who Can Create a Living Will?

Do I Need a Lawyer to Make a Living Will?


Why Should I Make a Living Will?

What Happens if I Don’t Make a Living Will?



Living Trust


What is a Revocable Living Trust?

Advantages of a Revocable Living Trust

How to Avoid Probate

Joint Revocable Living Trust

What is an AB Living Trust

How to Make a Revocable Living Trust

How to Make an Online Living Trust

What Assets Should be Transferred to a Living Trust

How to Amend a Living Trust Agreement

How to Revoke a Living Trust Agreement



Executors and Probate


What to Do Before Admitting a Last Will to Probate

Assets that Avoid Probate

What is an Executor of a Will?

Who can be an Executor of a Will?

Choosing an Executor

How Long Does it Take to Probate an Estate?

General Duties of an Executor

Should You Be an Executor?

How to Probate an Estate

Payment of Compensation to Executors



Power of Attorney


What is a Power of Attorney?

Ordinary and Durable Powers of Attorney

Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Should I Make a Power of Attorney?

What Happens Without a Durable Power of Attorney

How to Make a Power of Attorney

Planning for Incapacity – Power of Attorney for Finance and Property

Duration of a Power of Attorney

Revocation of a Power of Attorney

Filing or Recording a Power of Attorney



Funeral Planning


Why Plan My Funeral?

Advantages of Funeral Planning

Whats Included in a Funeral Plan?









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